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Matt 25:40
I tell you the truth, whatsoever you did for the least of these... you did for me

Matt 25:40

The mission of The Hope Foundation is to develop programs to bring human relief to the hurting people of the world. The Foundation strives to assist those in need by providing food to the hungry, medicine to the sick and shelter to the homeless.

The sole purpose for the formation of The Hope Foundation was not only to provide emergency assistance, but also to provide a real chance for permanent growth and change for the less fortunate of the world.


Ricky & Susan, Founders
Ricky & Susan, Founders

In 1993, Rick & Susan Fowler joined their church on a missions trip to the Philippines. On this trip they were to help out with various crusades. While on this trip their hearts were touched with one thing- love. Love for the precious children around them that went without the things that the Fowlers took for granted to live. While there they met a missionary couple, Larry & Bobbie Womack, who had been working in the Philippines for 8 years training and raising up disciples through their Disciple Training School. They also had just begun a small feeding program with the children in the village where they held school. The Fowlers gleaned much from the Womack's and from there continued a relationship both financially and prayerfully with the couple.

In 1995, while on furlough, the Womack's visited Rick & Susan. While there the Fowlers expressed to the Womack's their desire to do more for the children of the Philippines. They made the decision to return to the Philippines in 1996 and to live there until directed by the Lord on what they should do. Through much prayer the Fowlers got their answer and that answer was to begin The Hope Foundation- a foundation to reach out to the forgotten children of the world and all who are hurting and in need. Four months later, with their own finances and the help of their family, the Leyte/Samar Hope Foundation was established and incorporated. Seven more feeding programs were formed, and a new facility to house food and train new believers was purchased.

Upon returning to the U.S. in 1996, the Fowlers then set up The Hope Foundation of America where the financial and fundraising part of the organization would be established. Since then the Foundation has assisted financially in forming feeding outreaches in the U.S. and has established and operates The Haven of Hope Children's Home for the children of the Philippines.

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